a pirate life, it's forever

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Did you watch the whole season of ouat? What heppend with Hook? Are Hook and emma togerher?

how about you watch the show to find it out? ;)

daddy!robin in ‘bleeding through’ (3x18)

reign meme
[1/4] characters: Francis

Top 20 Arrow Ships (as voted by my followers)
13. Barry and Felicity
“I was thinking you would make a really good plus one.”


Harry Potter + places: Diagon Alley

"Harry wished he had eight more eyes.There were shops selling robes, shops selling telescopes and strange silver instruments Harry had never seen before, windows stacked with barrels of bat spleens and eels’ eyes, tottering piles of spell books, quills, and rolls of parchment, potion bottles, globes of the moon."

Que signifie un tag "queue" c'est censé être la file d'attente mais je ne comprends pas les tags du style "queue : blabla" ?

bah c’est juste pour dire que ces posts sont postés via la queue, cad que le blogger n’est (soi-disant) pas là.


Colin O’donoghue before the GMA (x)


As someone who remembers the headers from years ago, I just thought to add, you answered "dumb asks" then too (not that I think it, using the anon's wording) Your blog has never been strictly edits. Part of the reason you're blog is so awesome is that is personal IMO. You always seem to answer those in your inbox & not ignore which IS a a really nice thing you take the time to do when you could just delete them like a lot do on tumblr & you tag! That anon is just silly. Stay awesome! <3


I followed you for cs but I continue to follow you because you aren't fake. You aren't a people pleaser or a suck up. You don't start bullshit arguments and you don't make fandom a horrible place. You only deal with that crap that comes to you and you're a safe haven in a sea of hate.

you dont know how glad I am to read that. thank you <3


Once Upon A Time » Bleeding Through (3x18)


I follow you because, well, Colin. Also, I literally like every single one of your posts because they are all amazing. You're amazing


What was the first ship you've ever shipped?

as far as I remember, I did have my first ship with in the tv show Mutant X lol but then I really ship for the first time with Brucas, from One Tree Hill (:


Do you think it will be Sara Lance who dies in the season finale of Arrow? Or who do you think it'll be? I have come to love Sara and personally I'd rather see Laurel go...

I woud like to see Laurel disappear lol but Im not sure its going to happen unfortunetaly lol (I havent seen the latest episode yet so no one spoiles me pls!)